Providing enterprise-grade integrated technology solutions.

Our steps to finding a solution:

IDENTIFY the business problem

ASK QUESTIONS why current processes are in place and what technologies are implemented today

RECOMMEND multiple solutions based off of our discovery and consultation

TEST the chosen solution to confirm that it is the best route

IMPLEMENT and roll-out the solution

TRAIN and educate your faculty and staff on how to use the solution

PROVIDE customized managed services based on client needs

MPN focus’s on four main technology asset categories; Data Center, Wireless, Information Systems and Building Systems. Each of these categories are important in their own respects but our focus is to integrate them together as one cohesive network working together to save you money, give you more reliability and allows you to scale as your company grows.

Integrated Technology solutions


MPN can provide the voice of experience, and a holistic picture of the strategy around a scalable and flexible wireless roll-out.

Data Center

MPN knows what systems make up a solid data center and what should integrate together to mitigate your risk even further.

Information Systems

MPN has a host of solutions to help your organization find the solutions that best fit your culture.

Building Systems

MPN’s priority is on providing an integrated building that runs efficiently, with a minimal need for human interaction.