(From left to right) Tim, Rob, and Larry Pribyl Pictured Above.

2017 MP (609)
Paul Decker

Paul has been in the utility construction industry with MP since 1982. He has performed in various positions from laborer working his way up to Regional Vice President. Paul primarily manages the Broadband and Fiber Optic divisions with emphasis on REA/RUS and long-term service and multi-million dollar maintenance contracts.  Paul graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris in 1982 with a degree in education.

Tim Pribyl

Tim Pribyl has been with M&P Utilities from its inception in 1973. Mr. Pribyl has acted in various capacities from laborer to General Manager. Mr. Pribyl, since 1990, has been responsible for estimating, production and profitability of each job. In addition to these responsibilities he has been responsible for the procurement of equipment ensuring the equipment was adequate to complete work on a timely basis in a rapidly growing business.

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Mike Aydt

Mike has been with the company since 2004 as the CFO of MP Nexlevel.  Prior to joining MP, Mike has led large groups of diverse individuals in both manufacturing environments as well as the financial services He has  successfully partnered with senior leaders, external customers and functional teams to identify and resolve key business issues.  Mike has negotiated large bank financing agreements, created extensive cost, profitability and performance measurements in addition to detailed position accountabilities.  Mike has a BS in Accounting from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.
ICCIFP Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional

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Rob Pribyl

Rob has been with the company since 1989. Beginning as a laborer, operator, he moved up to foreman, supervisor and held the position of project manager, Regional Vice President, Vice-President of Operations and is now President. He oversees all areas of operations within our fiber optic, gas, power, communications, and alternative energy divisions with contract sizes ranging from a couple hundred thousand to 40 million. Rob’s experience is comprised of over 20 years of bidding and managing projects ranging from REA/RUS, Alternate Energy, Power and Communications.  Rob has an associate’s degree in Sales and Management from St. Cloud Technical College.

Tracy Lipinski
Tracy Lipinski

Tracy has been employed with MP Nexlevel since the beginning of 2011. She came to us with extensive knowledge of the safety industry from her 11 years working in the water and climate control industry. She has worked with MP Nexlevel personnel to maintain safety certifications and driving requirements through our Human Resources Department. She was tasked with maintaining records for the safety exposure of the company. Tracy also oversaw our claims mitigation services to assure all aspects are completed and incorporated into future safety procedures. This Experience has given Tracy the knowledge and ability to excel as the Safety Director for MP Nexlevel, the duties she has officially accepted beginning early 2015.

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Todd Wolff

Todd has been in the Communication industry since 1989. He has 16 years’ experience working for a Telephone company as a Lineman, splicer and in advanced troubleshooting. He also has 8 years’ experience working in the Utility construction industry. Todd manages the Communications, Integrated Networks, Fiber to Home, Lighting and DAS Network divisions with contracts ranging from $1,000 to multi-million dollar contracts.

2017 MP (618)
Derek Groth

Derek has been involved in the Communications Industry since 1987. His experience
includes working directly with Local Telephone, Long Distance, Broadband,
Wireless, Cable TV, and Digital TV companies, City and County Municipalities
including fiber build-outs to both residential housing and business developments.
He joined MP Nexlevel in 2009 as a Marketing and Business Development
Director to work directly with the various Stimulus projects, National Accounts,
and the development of other business opportunities.