It’s about the Equipment

The most important tool for any job is the people, but good people with the proper tools can perform perfection.

Providing and upgrading their fleet of equipment is only one piece of the puzzle for MP Nexlevel. To assure that all equipment is maintained and repaired to manufacturer specifications MP performs all repair and maintenance in-house. They maintain a state of the art repair and manufacturing facility in the heart of Minnesota. Several company owned satellite repair facilities and a fleet of mobile repair trucks aid in minimizing any downtime due to equipment issues. MP can perform all basic maintenance of equipment on the job site during down hours or weekends. The goal of our Maintenance crews is to keep the equipment performing at top level to keep the projects and your timeline on schedule.

MP Nexlevel’s Minnesota location also has full metal fabrication ability. They have built and modified many pieces of equipment. The field personnel routinely make requests for modifications to equipment to better perform their jobs and our fabrication technicians are very adept at taking those requests and turning them into reality.