MP Nexlevel has provided collection grid construction as well as transformer placement and power cable termination on many Wind Farm projects.

With our proprietary one pass cable trench and placement service the power cable placement maintains the proper spacing and layout required. We participate in the Energizing of the system to assure that the system is working within all established parameters. Our technology group completes the SCADA connections with the splicing, termination and testing of the fiber optic cabling system. MP Nexlevel has also completed a large solar farm collection system in California. We find many the services we have provided over the past 40 years translate very well for use in the relatively new alternative energy market. We look forward to the expansion of this market to the point where it is no longer the alternative.

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Construction Services
Directional Drilling

  • Mainline
  • Drops
  • Large Bores


  • Mainline
  • Drops

Rock Sawing
Hydro Excavating

Pole Placement
Strand and Cable
Lash and Delash
Emergency Repair
Building Entrance
Wreck out
Testing and Certification
Complete Splicing Services

Pedestal Placement
Vault and Handhole installation
Manhole Construction
Hut Placement
Pad Placement
Ped Rehab
Locating Services
Building Entrance
Home Wiring
DSL Installation

Activation Services
CO build outs
System Grounding
Testing and Certification
Link Certification
Fiber Characterization
Digital Red Lines