Add it up yourself…MP Nexlevel has put in the miles

DSC02112 (1)For more than 5 decades, MP Nexlevel has offered expertise in planning, installation and maintenance of aerial and underground infrastructure work. Our comprehensive construction services, FTTH, directional drilling, splicing, plowing, trenching and more cover the entire spectrum of overhead and underground infrastructure installation. Check out your market to see a detailed list of the services offered. Our experienced team of project managers, foremen, journeymen, linemen, and cable installers have the qualifications, certifications and technical training to bring to your job.

In the past few years alone MP Nexlevel has completed…


  • Over 15,000 Total Miles of Product Placed (Including: Fiber, Copper, Co-Ax, and Power)
  • 68 RUS Projects
  • 432 Communications Projects (Including: RUS, Telecom, Muni, Government, Educational, Security, and CCTV)
  • 7 Power Projects (Including: Wind Farms)
  • 10 Gas Projects


MP Nexlevel LLC also maintains several yearly multi state locating, maintenance and service agreements.