“It’s time for a note of appreciation to MP Nexlevel and the people that make it all happen. I have been working with MP for over 30 years to date. My primary contact being Bill Borell. Working under and with Bill is a great bunch of guys that have always got my work completed with great skill, correct time frames, quality workmanship and always a pleasure to work with. My jobs are often challenging ones as access and conditions are seldom great. They have a great deal of experience to draw from in the ones that get it done. In many cases I have an idea of how it should go but there have been many times my idea will not work and the MP experience comes through to save the day and get the situation corrected. MP has served me very well in my four states of responsibility and I can always count on them to get my work completed when I need it. From their boring to their splicing and all that is between, they have great people to get the work completed. I often have tight time frames or emergency work that pops up and they do whatever it takes to get it fixed and working again. I get quick quotes and estimates from Bill and they seldom require any addition funding as his layer of detail in estimates is very good. What is really right about how this stuff works at MP is that the ones that are responsible today at the top (people like Bill) were once out in the field getting dirty doing this work. These people know what it takes to get the work done and have a darn good idea of how long that work will take. Very few surprises that way. MP is a very important part of what I do to get the fiber in place and working as it should. They have the, tools, the equipment, attitude and people to get it done. Thanks for being there when I need you.”
-Dan Hilliard, OSP Engineer, ND, SD, MN & Western Iowa ND, SD, MN, IA

“We at Peoples Services would like to thank MP Nexlevel for completing our 1st phase of construction in Louisburg Kansas. All work was completed on time and with minimal complaints during and after construction. I feel that is due to the crews being professional and taking pride in their work. Thanks again and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with MP again!”
-Danny Welch
Peoples Telecommunication

“Your splicers did a great job last evening. Please tell them that for me. Our cable tone works like it supposed to. Thanks for your prompt involvement.”
-Bob McConkey, Senior-Network Support/OSP Tech Support Group

“I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation of Brock and the incredible job he and his team did on our recent fiber project. He handled what I would call a tricky or complex project with a tight schedule, and made it look easy. His level of professionalism, customer service skills, communications skills, get it done attitude-was impressive. Please share my appreciation of Brock and the outcome of this project with company leaders because the “standards bar” has been set impressively high for other to follow.”
-Joel Westra, Director of Network Infrastructure
Motorsport Aftermarket Group

“On a personal note Eric and his team did a PHENOMINAL job in Lake City. They worked for most of Sunday night and then hit it hard again all day Monday. I am sure you already know this but Eric is a great leader and has made a huge impact on this area. He has earned the respect of the Windstream techs in my area, and myself and done a lot to change the past perceptions on the way things were handled in this area. Good people are hard to find, and I appreciate you sending him over this way because his hard work and drive are making a big difference here.”
-J. Stombaugh

“I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much I appreciate you team, and the support we have been getting from the field techs. John has been extremely supportive and has been a pleasure to work with. Steve has also continued to demonstrate great knowledge and leadership. MP has been extremely supportive, and I want to let you know that the entire Zayo team and I appreciates MP’s commitment and support day in and day out.”
-A. Haitham
Zayo Group

“Great job this quarter with construction! Actually this whole 2015 season. We have had a lot of obstacles and challenges, but your willingness to work with our team and especially the special trips to Minneapolis and St. Paul for meetings to show extra care with ROW, permitting, and street restoration has not gone unappreciated. Working under tight windows with Xcel and always having crews and permits ready to work under their availability is also greatly appreciated. These past 3 weeks have been very busy constructing and pulling fiber, and your hard work has put us in a good place to reach our quarterly goal. Dan especially has done a great job leading his crews to get what we need scheduled and completed.”
-Steve Senger, OSP Manager
Zayo Group