We Do What’s Best for Your Venue


We want what is right for YOU, the customer.  In the world of mobile infrastructure there are so many different ways to achieve better mobile device coverage, the question is what is best for your venue or space?  There are 3 typical ways that a DAS can be laid out:

  • 3rd party carrier-neutral hosted | shared DAS
  • Venue-Owner Owned DAS
  • Carrier-Owned DAS

These are all very different ways to roll-out a DAS and our process is to understand what the current status of ownership and managment is for a venue/space and then help you understand how each of these scenarios impact your space now and in the future giving you the tools to make the decision that suits you and your building/venue/space best.


This option means that a company that is unaffiliated with all carriers will take ownership of the system; manage, monitor and maintain it.  Sometimes the 3PO will offer a portion of funding for the system and in certain occasions can even pay you to put this amenity in your building.  This scenario is best suited for multi-customer, multi-tenant spaces where having all carriers supported in a building/venue/space is a top priority.


This is pretty self-explanatory but when an owner wants to own, manage and maintain a DAS themselves and garner any advantages from a DAS being in their space without any specific carrier affiliation, this may be the right option for you.


In this scenario, the building/venue owner can choose a carrier to be the DAS owner and operator and often times the system is funded by the chosen carrier.  This scenario is best suited for medium to large enterprises that have a corporate carrier that they do business with on an annual basis.

All of these options have their postives and their negatives, our job is to help you vet out what option works best for you and your assets.